Thursday, September 1, 2011


And in a flash everyhing changed.  It's been five years since super heroes made their presence known to the world.  These mysterious men and women have heralded a new age.  Among them, three beautiful, skilled, and enigmatic redheads: Batgirl, Mera, Batwoman!

Batwoman by J.H. Williams III

During the first day of this new universe, we start by welcoming Batwoman to the redheads blog. Kate Kane is a relatively new face in comics; yet, from the very beginning she has gained a lot of attention, not only from fans, but also from the mainstream media; quickly she has become a very recognizable character, and one with a rich backstory full of possibilities and the potential for great stories.

Stay tuned as we discover together what the DCnU has in store for Batwoman, as we presence the rise of Mera, and as we witness Batgirl's return to Gotham.  Welcome!

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