Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aquaman #1 :: The Trench I

So Mera finally made her DCnU debut in the pages of Aquaman # 1.  Although the issue obviously focused on the title chacarter, Mera did make a brief appearance in the final pages.  Here we don't see the superheroine nor the queen; instead we see her as a "civilian" -if such a term can be applied to her.  She and her husband have decided to make a new life for themselves in the surface world, away from Atlantis and living in Amnesty Bay.  Mera's proper introduction will take place in Aquaman #2 and I can't wait for it... it will be a long month!

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Joe Prado and colors by Rod Reis

The issue by the way, was great.  An excellent introduction for Aquaman to the new continuity.  Geoff Johns did an awesome job in taking what many people in "our world" perceive of the character and translating it into what people in "Earth-1" think of the Superhero.  As time passes, I can guarantee that people -in both the real and comic world- will see what a badass Aquaman really is, and even more exciting, everyone will fall in love with Mera.

Mera gets called a "redhead mermaid" by a surface dweller

It is said that Mera is stronger than Wonder Woman

NOTE:  Chronology has been updated with this entry.

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Wings1295 said...

They are such a great couple together. I am so glad DC left them married and together instead of undoing all that, as well. Some people just belong together.