Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Batwoman Bits

About the villains Batwoman will meet in her new ongoing series, J.H. Williams III says: "...we’ll be focused on developing a rogue’s gallery for Batwoman, and leading that charge will be The Weeping Woman. It’s very important for heroes to have strong villains. This is what helps define a hero’s character. Right now Batwoman only has Alice for the most part. We’re going to change that in a very big way. By the time the second arc wraps we’ll have established no less than 5 new villains. We’re excited over the impact this will have in the life of Batwoman, Kate Kane and the rest of the cast."

House Ad for Batwoman #1
Cover Art by J.H. Williams III

"Then there was a crash of red"
Batwoman #1 Preview
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