Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays! :: Felices Fiestas!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The modern TV era :: Batgirl

A new animated series titled "The Batman" ran from 2004 to 2008. Because initially there was also a Teen Titans animated series running, the character of Robin was off limits and not allowed to appear in "The Batman" (until 2007). So, by the third season (2005-2006) Barbara Gordon was introduced and so was the newest version of Batgirl as Batman's original partner. The following is a description of the character:

"Batgirl, real name Barbara Gordon, the teenage daughter of Gotham's Commissioner Gordon, is a strong-willed, stubborn teen with an ironic wit. Inspired by her first contact with The Batman, she dons the cape and cowl to become Batgirl to help save her father from the hands of former friend and now villain - Poison Ivy".

In this animated series, Barbara also appears in an special episode placed in the future in her Oracle persona.

And if no one noticed... this is the first time in "Chicas de Rojo" that the character of Oracle is ever mentioned.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The modern TV era :: Hawkgirl

After the Thanagarian invasion and the revelation that Hawkgirl was in fact a spy, the winged wonder left the Justice League rather than being kicked out by her former teammates. This seemed to be the end of Shayera's story with the Justice League...

But then came Justice League Unlimited. When Salomon Grundy resurrected and was wreaking havok, Hawkgirl returned and was the only one who could stop him. She was ashamed for the part she played in the invasion, but despite this, she was welcomed again in the team's ranks.

No longer wearing her thanagarian police uniform but a jumpsuit, and going simply by "Shayera", the winged wonder returned to the Justice League Unlimited. This proves that it is not the title of Hawkgirl, or the helmet, it is the warrior inside who is an ass kicker...Yeah! - Hear that Kendra? -

Monday, December 8, 2008

Soon in Chicas de Rojo :: Pronto en Chicas de Rojo

A peek of what's to come...

Un vistazo de lo que está por venir...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Redhead Jrs. :: Pequeñas Pelirrojas

Mera Jr.

Hawkgirl Jr.

Batgirl Jr.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Batgirl by Mike Deodato Jr.

This is an incredible Batgirl image by one of my favorite artists, Mike Deodato Jr. from Brazil. Colors by vampirelover at
Esta es una increible imagen de Batichica por uno de mis dibujantes favoritos Mike Deodato Jr. del Brasil. Colores por vampirelover en

The highest flight :: El vuelo más alto

Free... that's Hawkwoman. Who wouldn't like to grow a pair of wings to leave the ground and take the highest flight? Here are some images of the winged wonder in the air! The first shot is by Bruce Timm, prior to his Justice League hit series; the second shot shows two beautiful aliens: Shayera Thal from Thanagar and Kara Zor-El from Krypton (courtesy of a website called captive 2D); the third shot is from an Adventure Comics cover.

Libre... así es la Mujer Halcón. Quién no quisiera tener un par de alas para poder despegarse del suelo y emprender el vuelo más alto? Aquí están algunas imagenes de la maravilla alada en el aire! La primera imagen fué dibujada por Bruce Timm antes de su éxito con la serie animada de la Liga de la Justicia; la segunda imagen muestra a dos hermosas extraterrestres: Shayera Thal de Thanagar y Kara Zor-El de Kryptón (cortesía de un website llamado captive 2D); la tercera imagen pertenece a una portada de Adventure Comics.

Custom Mera sights

Fans are extremely creative and here are some examples of that. First, we have a great custom background based on the Tanner Doll Company version of Mera, Queen of Atlantis designed by themeridienne dot com; then we have two custom Barbie redheads: Batgirl and Mera; finally, a custom Justice League Unlimited Mera, and another Barbie Mera on her seahorse.

Los aficionados son extremadamente creativos y aquí hay algunos ejemplos de esto. Primero, tenemos un gran fondo personalizado que se basa en la muñeca de Mera, Reina de Atlantis; después tenemos dos Barbies pelirrojas: Batichica y Mera; finalmente, una Mera de la serie animada de la Liga de la Justicia, y otra Barbie Mera en su caballito de mar.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mera becomes a spokesperson for Twinkies

The desserts strike back. In this story, Aquman and Mera are swiming by a kelp farm when a rocket approaches and is about to destroy the kelp. Mera appears in only one panel of the story, here it is:

Okay, so maybe not a spokesperson,but how many of you have had the chance to appear in an add to sell a product?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hawkgirl joins the Justice League :: JLoA # 146

The Justice League had just fought the evil Count Crystal who had apparently killed Superman and trapped his soul in limbo. Thanks to the help of Hawkgirl, the League was able to bring the Man of Steel and the Phantom Stranger back to life, but a third character returned from the dead as well: The Red Tornado.

The android proved to be none other than the Construct possesing Red Tornado's body, and in order to fight him, the League needed all the help they could get, so Hawkman proposed that Hawkgirl be given full official status as a member of the Justice League of America.

Surprisingly, the only member who opposed this idea was Superman, the Man of steel; under the excuse that the by-laws ruling the League prohibited it, he rejected the idea of Shayera joining. (What a jackass! She had just helped to resurrect him). Hawkman was very final: if his wife is not allowed in, then he would leave. Thankfully, the Phantom Stranger intervened and momentarily defused the awkward situation. The heroes left to fight the construct.

Shayera helped the League nonetheless, and giving the real Red Tornado the strength and confidence he had lost, he was able to defeat the Construct, and Wonder Woman trapped it in the ether forever. None of this would have been possible without the help of Hawkgirl, and ignoring Superman's rejection, Black Canary called to an election. And so, this day, an old member returned, and a new one entered on the rolls...

...and Superman looked like an @$$bag.

Women of Power Collection :: Mera by Tonner

2007 Mera and Aquaman by Tonner

Remember that posting a while ago that featured Mera by the Tonner doll company? It had been 40 years since a Mera doll had been produced (by Ideal in 1967). This time it only took one year before Tonner produced a second Mera, this time as part of the Women of Power collection that also features Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Supergirl, and Poison Ivy. Below is the description of the doll by the manufacturer.

2007 Mera exclusive by Tonner

Married to Orin (better know as AQUAMAN), MERA™, QUEEN OF ATLANTIS is the most spectacular Atlantean under the sea. MERA™, both brave and beautiful, is dressed in a radiant evening gown of luminous sequins. This strapless body skimming gown with funnel sleeves and elegant train of sequins and multiple chiffon godets is the perfect outfit for any underwater soirée.

Fall/Winter 2008 Mera by Tonner

The Atlantean queen wears a royal crown encrusted with sparkling beads, gilt shells and starfish. Dangling sea shell earrings, pantyhose, and matching faux leather heels complete her regal ensemble. Display stand included.