Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Collecting Cards

The Hawkwoman card is from the SkyBox DC Heroes collection.
The Batgirl card belongs to the VS System card game.
The Mera stats card is from the Heroclix collection.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Girls vs. Boys

The first image, Batgirl vs Superman is actually a photomontage; however, there was a real sory in which Barbara Gordon did kick Kal-El's ass... but we'll talk about it another day. In the second image, Hawkwoman vs. Hawkman, that's not really Hawkman, it's the Thanagarian thief Byth posing as Katar Hol. The third image, Mera vs. Aquaman is pretty real; in the story "Mera's Revenge" the queen of Xebel attacks the King of the seas because she blames him for the death of their little son Arthur Jr.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The art of Hembeck

Fred Hembeck is a very popular cartoonist who's had his work professionally published since the seventies. His cartoonish renditions of super heroes are reknown, and our three super heroines did not escape his crazy pen.




Sunday, December 9, 2007

LEGO Redheads

With the possible exception of Batgirl, i think these all are customized figures. These LEGO figures are not to be confused with the MiniMates line of figures.




Redhead close up

Mera in "The Obsidian Age"

Batgirl in a flashback from "Hush"

Hawkwoman fights Lionmane in "Hawkman #6"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Dramatic poses

Enjoy these three great shots of the redheads in dramatic poses!

I've always thought wind is dramatic, and Batgirl's shot is a perfect example; her cape and hair being blown by the wind is certainly dramatic. Mera's threatening pose, ready to destroy you, and her powers charging up, give this image a very dramatic feeling. And then there's Hawkwoman's sword shot; does it need an explanation? It screams DRAMA all over the place!