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What is This?

Bruce Wayne is back, and he's got big plans; mainly, that little thing called BATMAN INC.  But the surprises don't stop there, and the Dark Knight's return signals a new beginning for our dear redhead.  Is this what awaits Barbara Gordon after the Death of Oracle? What is this?

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HeroClix 75th Anniversary Mera Figure

The superhero-based miniature game has been celebrating DC's 75th anniversary with a huge lineup of products including new Battle Packs, the Blackest Night Starter Set, Brightest Day Action Pack, Watchmen Collector’s Set, and more.  Above you can see Sgt. Rock, Queen Aga’Po, Ruling-Cast Dominator, and Solovar.  More lesser known (but with their own loyal followings) characters appear here like Warlord, Detective Chimp, and Sargon the Sorcerer along with a trio of aquatic heroes and villains (Ocean Master, Mera, and Aquaman). This bracket closes with a new incarnation of the “DC Trinity” that includes a long-anticipated Dick Grayson Batman and great economical versions of Wonder Woman and Superman.

Beast Boy’s various forms have textured “fur” or scaly skin, as do the gorillas and even Mera and Aquaman’s clothing.

Mera's card is titled "Atlantis Ruler" and includes as part of her abilities:  Dimensional Travel, Minor Telepathy, Aquakinesis, Living At 50 Fathoms, Thoughness, Water Wall.

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Mera CGI


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Mera and Siren

Mera attacks Siren (not Hila)
Brightest Day
Art by Ivan Reis