Saturday, November 30, 2019

Batgirl by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Batgirl #41 (December, 2019)
"Oracle Rising" Part V

Inks by Rachel Dodson

Pencils by Terry Dodson

Colors by Terry Dodson

Friday, November 29, 2019

Batwoman Sketches By Michael Cho

Canadian artist Michael Cho illustrated an acclaimed run of variant covers for the 2017 'Batwoman' series. Here, are some concept sketches by this renown creator.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Batgirl Plush Toys

Batgirl Plush:  Little ones (and big ones too) will soar with excitement when seeing this Batgirl Plush! This plush toy is designed to look like Batgirl wearing her purple and yellow outfit and has included orange polyester attached that looks like her hair. Your little one (and you) will want to cuddle up with this soft polyester toy after a long day of crime fighting. Get this plush Batgirl toy for your DC Comics fan or your little one as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Batgirl Plush - 8 1/2" x 12" Plush Toy

Mini Batgirl Plush:  Let your little one take their favorite superhero with them with this Mini Batgirl Plush! This plush is designed to look just like Batgirl, including an attached purple cape and orange fabric designed to look like her hair. Made of soft polyester, this plush toy is great for playtime or bedtime. Give this plush Batgirl toy out as a gift or add it to favor bags for your little one's Justice League birthday party.

Mini Batgirl Plush - 5" x 7" Plush Toy

Wind-Up Batgirl Plush:  Wind up this Wind-Up Batgirl Plush and watch it go on a crime-fighting adventure! This small plush toy is made of polyester and has Batgirl's face printed on it. Wind the white plastic knob and watch as this toy walks on its black plastic feet. Give out a walking Batgirl toy as a party favor at your little one's next superhero or Justice League birthday party.

Wind-Up Batgirl Plush - 1 3/4" x 2" Plush Toy

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mera and Aquaman Salt and Pepper Shakers

The World's most recognized and celebrated comic book superheroes and heroines come together in a pop culture collection of sculpted cookie jars, salt and pepper Shakers and children's coin Banks.  Based on the DC Comics characters, Aquaman and Mera are the King and Queen of Atlantis and share a love as vast as the ocean. This salt and pepper power couple is here to spice up your meal!

Mera and Aquaman Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hand-crafted from high-quality ceramic stoneware and hand-painted. Hand-washing is recommended. Salt and pepper set makes the perfect gift for any DC Comics fan!  3. 5" Height (8. 89 cm)

Company:   Enesco
Themes:   DC Comics
Product Type:   Kitchenware
Characters:   Aquaman, Mera
Age:   All Ages
Country of Origin:   China

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Batwoman Key Chain

Carry a super hero with you when you attach the LEGO® DC Batwoman™ Key Chain to your keys or backpack. With an updated design for January 2019, this Batwoman minifigure linked to a sturdy metal ring, chain and LEGO tag makes a great gift for all fans of this popular DC character.

Features a LEGO® DC Batwoman™ minifigure linked to a durable metal ring, chain and LEGO tag.  Attach it to your keys or backpack.  Minifigure is not detachable from metal chain.

LEGO DC Super-Heroes
Batwoman Keychain

Monday, November 25, 2019

HeroClix Bombshells Batgirl

HeroClix Bombshells Batgirl
Figure #037

When Batgirl makes an attack targeting an opposing character, give her a Bombshell token. If she has two action tokens, remove two Bombshell tokens, then make a close attack.

Bloody belle of the bog. Steal energy. Stealth. Batgirl starts the game on click #3. When Batgirl uses Steal Energy, she may heal past her starting line. WWI Flying Ace. Super senses. When attacked by a character with wings, modify Batgirl's defense +3. Point Value: 75.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

HeroClix Bombshells Mera

HeroClix Bombshells Mera
Figure #035

When Mera makes an attack targeting an opposing character, give her a Bombshell token. If she has two action tokens, remove two Bombshell tokens, then make a close attack.

Tough as the sea I was born in.  Toughness.  Mera may remove any number of Bombshell tokens in order to reduce damage taken by that much. Point Value: 100.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

HeroClix Bombshells Batwoman

HeroClix Bombshells Batwoman
Figure #038

When Batwoman makes an attack targeting an opposing character, give her a Bombshell token. If she has two action tokens, remove two Bombshell tokens, then make a close attack.

Helping the team.  Empower, but only if Batwoman is adjacent to a friendly character with the Bombshells keyword. Point Value: 60.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Meet LEGO Batgirl

By day, Barbara Gordon, is the bookish daughter of the Gotham City Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon. By night, Barbara dons a cape and cowl as Batgirl, committed to justice like her father. While her a utility belt is equipped with Batarangs and other crime-fighting gadgets, her greatest tools are her brilliant mind and her unwavering determination.

LEGO Batgirl™

Batgirl is a playable character in LEGO DC Super-Villains