Sunday, September 18, 2011

Follow-up Sunday

Days before its official release, the Batgirl series had already been ordered for a second printing.  It also became one of ten DC titles with print runs of more than 100,000 copies.  Now with that second printing sold out again, Batgirl is going for a third printing!  Barbara is rocking the town!

Batgirl is not the only one selling out at every comic book shop.  With orders higher than originally anticipated -and  A LOT were anticipated,- and becoming a hard-to-find book, Batwoman #1 has also been ordered for a second printing!  Great news for the Bat-ladies' fans, comic book creators, and the industry.
A few days ago, the cover for Birds of Prey #4 surfaced, not without its share of controversy.  Batgirl will guest-star in the issue, but there was confusion regarding her costume, which was all miscolored.  A DC Forums member by the name windbegantohowl re-colored Batgirl's armor, and now it looks a lot better.  I wonder if the miscoloring was intentional; I can't believe it was just overlooked.

Finally, remember that San Diego Comic Con bag featuring the new Justice League I talked about a few weeks ago?  Well, I found one on eBay for $12, and let me tell you... it was worth it!  I was positive it was a tiny little thing like those Green Lantern bags they are giving out at Subway -and I still wanted it,- but what I received yesterday in the mail was a HUGE, sturdy, expensive looking, well done bag.  I am not lying to you, it is the size of a standard pillow case and twice as wide.  It is humongous, and a great collector's item. Not that I can do anything with it, but a great finding, nonetheless!

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