Thursday, September 8, 2011

Batgirl 1 :: Shattered

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes

Cover Art by Adam Hughes
I can't find anything I didn't like about this issue; it was great.  We witness Barbara's return as Batgirl after a three year absence due to  her spinal injury; and what a return this was.  For those who were concerned with her being de-aged too much, I say: "be at ease, she is not a teenager!"  She is still smart, strong, and has that charming willingness to protect the helpless she has always had that makes her so adorable.  This issue was full of story and rich in panels -which you don't see much of nowadays in comics with their wordless double spreads,- Ardian Syaf's art was dyamic and detailed.  Gail Simone loves Barbara, and it shows in her writing.  She is so respectful to the character, even when showing us her weaknesses and insecurities, which by the way are going to be very important in this new phase of her life.

Also, while I am not one for humor in comics, I couldn't help but laugh at that couple of awkward -and very natural- situations Batgirl found herself in; very well played Ms. Gail.  We also get to see the initial steps for the creation of a suppoting cast and a rogues gallery that will keep Batgirl busy and us entertained.

Overall, the return of Batgirl was everything I expected and more.  All the longing for Barbara back as the dominoed daredoll was worth it, and I know that she is safe in Gail Simone's hands.  If you are the one person who was living under a rock that did not buy this issue, do yourself a favor and get it, either online or at your local comic shop; you will not regret it... and you're welcome!


Eyz said...

"Also, while I am not one for humor in comics"
Awww...really? Why?
(not asking the usual "Why so serious"-bit...oh wait, I just did :P)

JoséVC said...

I am not dead inside, I promise! I just can't stand humor in dramatic situations; but Gail did a good job in Batgirl #1. Your HEROES site is awesome BTW.