Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding in Planet Rann

This past Tuesday, September 14th was not only the Bicentenary of the independence of Mexico, it was also the wedding anniversary of Earth's Champion Adam Strange and Alanna from Rann, according to the 1977 Super DC Comics Calendar. This speacial moment took place in Justice League of America #121.

But what does Adam and Alanna's wedding have to do with this blog? Well, Adam Strange has been a long time associate of the Hawks, and as such, Hawkgirl was the maid of honor in the ceremony. It is weird, though -strange, may you say- that Hawkman was not the best man, but Batman.

Even stranger is the fact that here we have Shayera being the maid of honor to Adam and Alanna, and years later we have Adam and Hawkwoman trying to kill each other during the
Rann-Thanagar War. Oh, continuity...

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