Saturday, September 25, 2010

DC Super Dictionary - Batgirl Introduction

The Super Dictionary was produced by Warner Educational Services as a learning tool for children in the 70's and an amusement tool for adults in the 21st century.  It claims it contains all the words children need to know in the early grades, and presented in such a way that kids are motivated to use it to give meaning to a solid reading vocabulary.  Today, Batgirl is introduced to us.

Batgirl appears prominently in many entries of the book.  We see her by herself, accompanied by Robin in several ocassions, strangely enough with a lot of super-villains in others, and with members of the Justice League.  Batgirl appears with Batman only in very few entries.

The introduction of the Super Dictionary is 19 pages long, including characters' profiles.  Once all is said an done, and right before getting to the meat of the matter, Batgirl gives us one final push before we turn the page and start with the letter "A".

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