Thursday, September 9, 2010

Super Heroes Postcard Book

Last month we introduced the "Super Heroes Postcard Book"; today we present a second card in the series, this time featuring the Dynamite Duo Batgirl and Robin, and their best wishes for those of us who may be down with the swine or avian flu, the scarlet fever, the black plague, or the beri-beri.

The art is inédit, not standard from any style guide, and must admit, it is not the prettiest thing out there, but it's cute and the presence of our dear redhead and the best wishes are what really matter, right?

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Anonymous said...

This art is from the Robin/Batgirl story from Batman Family #11, in which Robin and Batgirl get "married" in front of a bunch of mobsters, and then sweep the aisles clean of said mobsters. I don't have the comic handy to look up the credits, though. I think it's Curt Swan on pencils.