Saturday, September 18, 2010

Red Lantern Atrocitus' Secret Crush

The Blackest Night might be over, but its repercussions will resonate for a very long time. Most of the New Guardians have stayed on Earth, still trying to understand their role in the universe after the defeat of the Black Lanterns. Atrocitus, of the Red Lantern Corps is one of them.

This is a scene from Green Lantern #54 where Green Lantern Hal Jordan confronts Atrocitus. The Red Lantern reveals that his ring can also create constructs; however, his choice to prove so is somewhat strange: An image of Red Lantern Deputy Mera is formed by the red ring! Green Lantern wonders whether Atrocitus has a crush on Mera, and I wonder whether we'll see her again as a Deputy teaming up with the Red Lantern from sector 666. Rage!

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