Thursday, July 28, 2011

Solo Adventure Starring Mera

In the undersea nation of Atlantis, the infant son of Aquaman and Mera lies dying; the youth's only hope is a healing device created on Mera's homeworld -a world she is cut off from by dimensional barriers!  Using her hard water powers, the sea Queen was able to pierce the wall that kept her adopted world unaware of the danger that awaited her on the other side!  And now Mera's quest continues...

Moments ago she arrived on her homeworld expecting to be united with her log lost brethren; instead, Mera has found her world under the tyrannical rule of the usurpoer Leron, and her life long friend in chanis!

In recent years, she has been overshadowed bythe heroics of her husband, the king of the seven seas... forced into the background, away from danger; but now, all that has changed and Mera finds herself in the thick of savage battle.  The lithe sea Queen, however, is not without extraordinary talents of her own.

"The Kingdom of Doom"
Written by Paul Kupperberg
Art by Juan Ortiz & Vince Colletta

To be Continued...

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