Friday, July 22, 2011

Solo Adventure Starring Mera

Once she was Queen of another-dimensional water-world, where she gained her power to shape the seas themselves!  Then she became Aquaman's wife, Queen of Atlantis... and now both her thrones are gone... but not her courage!

"Return to Disaster"
Written by Paul Kupperberg
Art by Juan Ortiz & Vince Colletta

It is the beginning of a bautiful day in the undersea city of Atlantis.  The cea is calm, and the sun light filtering down through the fathoms shimmers... unaware that a child lies dying in its feeble glow!

Mera is gone before the aged King can finish... for there is work to be doneand a very precious life hanging in the balance!

To be continued...

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Dene said...

LOVE Mera-!!!! This is so awesome. I've never seen it before-! Thanks so much for sharing it-!