Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Most Recent Purchase

This week I ordered "Death of a Prince" through the Aquaman Shrine's link to Amazon, which helps me save money and support the Shrine at the same time!  I have been waiting for this collection since forever it would seem, and seeing Mera prominently featured in the cover makes it even better.  It should take about a week to have it in my hands, and then I am not answering the phone because I'll be busy!

Aquaman faces his greatest challenge as he's forced to fight his way through a gauntlet of his most deadly enemies.  Along the way he will be forced to fight his own family as well and face unbearable loss.  When Aquaman finally comes face to face with Black Manta, the villain who has forever altered his life, Will Arthur choose mercy... or murder?

This volume collects stories from Advanture Comics 435-437, 441-455, and Aquaman 57-63.  I hope that Mera's three-part solo adventure is also featured in this TPB.  Cross your fingers!

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