Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solo Adventure Starring Batgirl

The daughter of Gotham's Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon fights for justice on two fronts -- as a Congresswoman and as the Dominoed Daredoll named BATGIRL!

Batgirl's ulterior motive in coming on this trip to China was to learn more about the Sino-Supermen (which she fought first in Bat-Family #19 and were called in Spanish the Chin-Heroes), and the man who can give her the answers she wants is Wo Fong, the Chinese Spy Master!

Wo Fong ordered the kidnapping of Congresswoman Barbara Gordon.  Sadly for he and his Sino-Supermen, Batgirl is in China to give them trouble!

"A Slow Death in China II"
Written by Bob Rozakis
Art by Don Heck & Bob Smith

To be Continued...

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