Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mera and Other Heroes

In this cover of Justice League of America #88 Mera gets a guest spot as she and Black Canary, Aquaman, Flash, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Atom, Batman, and Superman do the walk of shame; rejected by the people of the world for not being able to save the planet, whereas three normal citizens were able to do it. The cover art is by Neal Adams. Mera does not play a significant role in the story, but at least is acknowledged.

Pencils and color guide for JLA #88

Notice how the red in Mera's hair, Flash's uniform, and Superman's cape are strategically placed in a triangle to make all the other colors in the cover pop. Yes people, it's called "color theory" and good artists know when to use it.

Final Cover for JLA #88

En esta portada de los Campeones de la Justicia #88 Mera es invitada especial, y junto a Canario Negro, Aquaman, Flash, Hombre Halcón, Flecha Verde, Linterna Verde, Atom, Batman, y Superman camina la marcha de la verguenza; rechazados por la población del mundo por no haber sido capaces de salvar el planeta mientras que tres ciudadanos normales si pudieron hacerlo. El arte de la portada es por Neal Adams. Mera no juega un papel significante en la historia, pero al menos es considerada.

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