Friday, June 8, 2012

Guess Who's Back!

It is happening! Hawkwoman will soon be introduced to the DCnU in the pages of "The Savage Hawkman." The mysterious woman in issue #9 is indeed our beloved winged redhead, and this is neither Shiera Sanders nor Kendra Saunders; we are talking about the authentic, one and only Thanagarian Shayera Thal!

Art by Joe Bennett

The character sketch above by artist Joe Bennett indicates she is not a cop anymore, but a Princess, which is fine by me. Her suit of armor is regal, and note that as opposed to Hawkman, her wings are not feathered but metallic -probably Nth metal. She also carries a mace and a sword.  I can't wait for her debut, and neither should you, because when that happens, a fourth redhead will make her official return to this blog!

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Unknown said...

Umm. There is nothing unauthentic about Sheira Sanders. Without her, there never would have been a Shayera Thal.

The costume looks great. I can only imagine how horrid Rob Liefeld's version will be.