Saturday, June 16, 2012

Batgirl 10 :: All Snug in Their Beds

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Alitha Martinez

Batgirl becomes the devil's advocate as she questions the approach of her mission and that of her fellow crusaders in "All Snug in Their Beds," making reference to the rich and privileged that most often than not seem to be the ones being most protected by the local hero community. Without being preachy, Gail Simone touches on a current social subject, not only as seen by her lead character, but also other members of the cast.

Batgirl by Alitha Martinez, Vicente Cifuentes, Ulises Arreola

The issue is mostly a set-up chapter where the dominoed daredoll crosses paths with the Disgraced, a band of over-the-top costumed sociopaths serving a very disturbed woman: Charise Carnes.  Her innocence or culpability will be the overarching subject of the storyline, and the beginning of what DC promises to be Batgirl's biggest headache. Alitha Martinez receives her first full issue in the title; not a bad job at all, especially in the action-oriented scenes. Good to see more and more female talent in comics.

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