Friday, December 23, 2011

Nightwing 4 :: South Beach Connection

Kyle Higgins brings Nightwing and Batgirl together in "South Beach Connection".  It is so pleasant to see when creators  communicate and are in synch with each other; this issue not only is a nice stand-alone story for Nightwing, but also a nice follow-up of sorts to Gail Simone's Batgirl #3.  This team-up serves not just to go after some bad guy, but also to patch things up between Dick and Barbara; the combination of action and character development was just right.  By the end of the issue, we have a better sense of closure between the two of them, and also kind of a new rogue for Batgirl named Spinebender (which for some strange reason I keep reading as Spellbinder).  While I missed Eddy Barrows' pencils, Trevor McCarthy did a great job with his movie-like action sequences, and continuing with the theme of after-images when illustrating acrobatics.  Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable issue that no fan of Nightwing or Batgirl can miss.

Nightwing #4
Cover by Eddy Barrows and Rod Reis

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