Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aquaman 4 :: The Trench IV

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis present the final chapter of "The Trench" as Aquaman and Mera immerse themselves in the depths of the mid-Atlantic ridge. This is a complete change of scenery, and the challenge and complexity of drawing, inking, and coloring an obscure environment such as the bottom of the ocean, have just earned the artistic team a standing ovation; what a great job. The resolution to the story makes you empathize with the trench critters despite their "Aliens" quality; on the other hand, that same resolution forces the question: did this story really need four issues to be told? The end of the arc brings readers full circle regarding the jokes and the awkward reactions from the public in the initial chapters; now that everyone can see how totally awesome Aquaman is, let's hope that's the end of that. Mera didn't get to do much in this issue other than saying "Arthur?" a lot of times, but there was also some display of power underwater.  Next stop in this thrilling ride: Who sunk Atlantis?  and just two months away from the spotlight on Mera.

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