Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apologies to Stephanie's fans

One tries to be supportive of DC and then they go and pull stuff like this.  What you see below is an early preview of Batwing #7 which features the character's first visit to Gotham.  Batman and his closest associates share the cover with the titular; but as you may clearly notice, Barbara is shown with blond hair and purple accents in her armor to make her look like Stephanie Brown.  I am not an avid fan of Steph's or anyting like that, but I completely understand why her followers would be p****d off to see how their feelings for the character are being played with in such a cheap way.

Saying it was a coloring error won't do it, as DC pays people called "editors" who are supposed to notice and correct this kind of things. What is the purpose of this, I wonder? Creating buzz and controversy? Test the waters for a possible second Batgirl in current continuity? Was it really an error, an oversight by potentially dozens of people? I just don't see a reasonable excuse for such a move. Now fans of Steph have to add this insult to their injury; so as a Babs fan I apologize to you and ask you don't hate on Barbara because of things like this; it's not worth it.

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