Saturday, November 12, 2011

Legacy Batgirl Silver Age Action Figure

Silver Age Batgirl action figure!   The legacy of the Dark Knight and his allies and foes are all captured in exquisite detail in this Batman Legacy action figure line!  Articulated and detailed figure comes with poster of comic book cover appearance and display stand!

This 6-inch scale action figure of Silver Age Batgirl draws inspiration from the editorial heritage of Batman through the ages. The figure is highly detailed and articulated for Batgirl fans! The figure comes with a unique display stand and an 6 3/4 x 10 1/4-inch poster of a comic book cover in which the character appeared.

On her way to a masquerade ball dressed as a "female Batman", young Barbara Gordon saved billionaire Bruce Wayne from an attempted kidnapping by the villain Killer Moth and his henchmen,The Mothmen.  After the heroic rescue, Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, adopts the guise of Batgirl and becomes a skillful crimefighter in her own right.  Proficient in Karate and Judo, eventually she teams up with Robin, The Boy Wonder to help Batman take down the crime syndicates of Gotham City.

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