Friday, November 4, 2011

And the numbers are in

The partial numbers, at least.  Diamond Comics released its initial report of comic book sales for October 2011.  Keep in mind that these numbers are orders placed by comic book shops, and not necessarily final-final sales to consumers.  Nonetheless, our bat-redheads had a great performance during the month that just ended.

Batgirl #2 ended up at position #14 in the quantity rank and at #13 in the dollar rank; not too shabby!  Batwoman #2 ended at #14 in the quantity rank and at #45 in the dollar rank -I think this was due to the book being available at a non-refundable, lower price for retailers.

Aquaman #2 (co-starring Mera) occupied position #18 in quantity and #16 in dollar.  Other favorites of mine who ended up well positioned were New Guardians (17/50), and Red Lanterns (20/20).  This ranking is not including Batgirl #1 third print or Batwoman #1 second print; those might come up later when the top 300 are published.  Aquaman #1 second print, though, ended up at positions #88/91 which are excellent considering it is a second run.

Source: Newsarama

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