Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geoff Johns on Mera

IGN spoke earlier this week to Geoff John about the Aquaman series, and naturally, Mera was a part of the topics discussed.  Here is a snippet of the interview:

Speaking of Mera, a lot of fans are really pumped for issue #6, which is her spotlight issue. Can you tell us about what we'll be seeing in that solo issue?

"Yeah, you'll learn more about her. You'll see a different side to her. In that issue, she tries to assimilate a little bit to our world. She wants to learn more about it and it's not quite as easy as she thought it would be. She gets involved with something that reveals a pretty dark part of her."

You've talked in the past about your love for that character, even saying that you'd like to write a Mera book. What is it about the character that intrigues you so much?

"I think it's her intensity; her powers too I think are unique, especially the way that Ivan and Joe draw them, it's beautiful. But there's something about her – her strength and conviction and her troubled past – all of that combined just makes her a really compelling character. A lot of the characters from the 60s and the Silver Age at DC have some squeaky clean origins, but hers never was."

For more on this interviw, visit the comics section of IGN.

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