Friday, September 14, 2012

Throne of Atlantis

In an interview with USA Today, writer Geoff Johns announced the new arc that will start in December in the pages of Justice League #15 and will crossover with the Aquaman book. In "Throne of Atlantis," readers will learn a lot more about Aquaman and his disdain for the place he used to rule, Johns says. "Aquaman's going to have to make some decisions that the League won't necessarily agree with."

Mera wil play a major role in "Throne of Atlantis"
Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis

Aquaman and his love Mera have been trying to solve the mystery of Atlantis' sinking in the pages of Aquaman, and she'll play a major role in the crossover, too.

"Mera has absolutely no affinity for Atlantis," Johns says. "She's from a penal colony and was raised to go to war with Atlantis and ultimately fell in love with Aquaman and defected like he did to the land."

This is one of several stories that will lead into 2013's "Trinity War."  Will Mera join the ranks of the Justice League?

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