Friday, September 21, 2012

Birds of Prey 0 :: First Flight

Art by Romano Molenaar

Inks by Vicente Cifuentes

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Despite the pretty art by Romano Molenaar, this is not a good issue. According to Batgirl #0, Barbara became Batgirl four years ago and her stint lasted for one year before she quit. Three years ago she got shot by The Joker, and apparently less than one year ago she regained the ability to walk. She JUST became Batgirl again, then how the heck did this first encounter with Black Canary and Sterling take place one year ago?

Furthermore, Birds of Prey #1, also written by Swierczynki, establishes that Barbara and Dinah had been friends BEFORE Barbara was paralyzed:

"Good to see you Barbara. Living, breathing and walking"

"Its good to see you and Batgirl back in action"

I can see continuity getting confusing and tangled after 10 years, but not a mere 12 months into the relaunch. This is very disappointing and frustrating. Canary and Batgirl should have met during Babs first year as a heroine (four years ago).

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