Sunday, March 18, 2012

Batgirl 7 :: A View From Below

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Ardian Syaf and Alitha Martinez

Just like when you are on the open road driving a stick and switching from second to third, this issue feels like Gail Simone is kicking it into high gear by jumping right into the heart of things. A new menace in the form of a metahuman psycho, a relationship building moment with Black Canary, and an interesting catalyst to retell a classic story make of this issue an "all-included" roller coaster. It is good to see that the apparent clumsiness we have seen since the start of the series is not due to Batgirl's inexperience, but rather the result of a psychological barrier she has erected around herself; each one of these adventures is slowly cracking that barrier to show everyone what Barbara freaking Gordon is truly capable of.  The flashback sequence could have taken better advantage of the shared art duties, but overall, there was no detriment to the book.

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Oracle said...

Thank you for your review. I just finished reading this issue and I realy liked it. I wandered how Alitha Martinez would draw Batgirl and after reading this issue I think is very good. Loved the intercation with Black Canary, but I wish DC some day give us a Batgirl (Babs) Supergirl team up again for the old times.
Great site!!
One question for you: do you think Batgirl is going to be part of the young justice series?