Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aquaman 7 :: The Others I

Wow! This single comic by Geoff Johns may as well be the storyboard for a cinematic production. Black Manta is introduced to the New 52 through a fantastic opening sequence that also features one of Aquaman's old associates, and a pretty cool swordfight. From the get-go, readers will be able to see the subtle but significant changes made to Manta's character, and start making assumptions about his role in this new continuity. Ivan Reis returns with the best of his talent to deliver the most amazing art he's done thus far. Panel by panel, one can appreciate the extreme amount of detail and the exquisite lines that only get enhanced to the nth power by Joe Prado and Rod Reis.

Yet, none of this compares to the best parts of the issue: Mera controls the ocean once again, this time to save a ship from a rogue wave; and then... cat fight! Mera proves why she rocks, and now she has met her match. "The Others" promises to be the best Aquaman story ever told.

Mera by Ivan Reis

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