Monday, August 30, 2010

DC Comics Originals :: T-Shirt

Now, this is an amazing piece of clothing we've got here! This is a DC Comics Original T-Shirt sold by SuperHeroStuff featuring 29 of DC's brightest stars:

Firestorm, Batman, Joker, Robin, Cheetah
Green Lantern, Superman, Hawkman, Catwoman, Dr. Fate
Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Penguin, Flash, Mary Marvel
Harley Queen, Captain Marvel, Riddler, Darkseid, Hawkwoman
Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel Jr
Supergirl, Mera, Zatanna, Plastic Man

SuperHeroStuff description of this T-Shirt goes like this: "Made from 100% Cotton, this black t-shirt features stacked boxes filled with all your favorite DC Comic Book characters! There's Green Lantern Hal Jordan! There's Superman, Batman Hawkman, Catwoman, Flash and even Zatanna and Mera! There's Birdbrain and the Green Agitator! HUH!? Anyway, this DC t-shirt is absolutely for you, DC Comic Book fan!"

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