Sunday, July 26, 2009

Justice League :: The Nail

In 1998 Alan Davis and Mark Farmer brought us an incredible Elseworlds story: The Nail. Set during the most exciting era of the Justice League - the silver age - The Nail tells the story of what the Justice League of America would have been without a Superman. The story starts 24 years ago when Jonathan and Martha Kent were getting ready to drive to Smallville from their farm, but one of the tires in their truck was flat due to a nail. This insignificant event prevented the couple from finding baby Kal-El who was arriving from Krypton.

All three of our beloved redheads appear in The Nail, playing their familiar heroic roles, but some of them with interesting and even disturbing twists. The Nail is my favorite Elseworlds story ever because it brought back all those childhood memories and evoked what I think is the best era of the Justice League. it was a kingdom was lost, all for the want of a nail.

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