Friday, July 17, 2009

Blackest Night # 1 - Mera

The Blackest Night is finally here, and I think my prayers have been answered! In Titans #15 Tempest returns to Atlantis and finds out that even though Mera is the rightful ruler of the kingdom now that Aquaman is dead, her sense of duty to her people has been clouded due to her loss, and is not sitting on the throne.

In Blackest Night #1 Tempest finds Mera in Amnesty bay; she has buried her husband on land, next to his father's tomb. Tempest tries to reason with the queen, but she is resenting the people of Atlantis for being superstitious and violent, and refuses to have Aquaman's body moved to Poseidonis. Some time later, a black ring falls from the sky in Arthur Curry's grave. What role will Mera play in the Blackest Night? I hope she becomes a Green or Blue Lantern!

Mera's interlude is titled "LEADERS". What does this mean?

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