Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Coin Toss

Artwork by Andie Tong

Batman: Coin Toss

When the mayor of Gotham hosts a gala to honor Bruce Wayne, Two-Face and his gang crash the party and snatch the mayor! In Two-Face's hands, the flip of a coin will determine the mayor's fate. It's up to Batman and Batwoman to rescue the mayor and save their city. Complete with full-color illustrations, this 8x8 storybook is filled with action and excitement for young super hero fans.

Kate Kane is an heiress from Gotham City. After she was rescued from a kidnapping attempt, Kate was inspired to follow in Batman's footsteps. Using her fortune to create her own crime-fighting hideout similar to the Batcave, she became the excellent martial artist, detective, and crime fighter known as Batwoman.

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