Thursday, February 20, 2020

Batwoman Bust by Eaglemoss Collections

This Batwoman Bust shows Kate Kane at her cool, heroic best. It is based on J.H. Williams’ incarnation of the hero during his stunning run illustrating the Batwoman’s adventures. It features how Kate Kane reclaimed her tragic life to end her downward spiral and became a true Gotham City hero.

The Batwoman Bust is beautifully designed with a stunning black suit, vibrant red Batarang on her chest and red gloves. This was carefully created on a DC Comic themed figure stand.

It comes complete with 16-page magazine packed with information about the Batwoman Bust. Explore the ages of Batwoman and how she was finally rewarded with a title of her own, Batwoman helped define heroism in the streamlined landscape of the New 52.

Product: Officially Licensed Bust/Figurine
Collection: Batman Universe Collector's Bust

Material: Hand-Painted Metallic Resin
Height: Approx. 4.7 inches

Scale: 1:16
Packaging: Boxed With Protective Blistering

Batwoman Bust by Eaglemoss Collections

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