Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Batgirl Lego Batjet Chase Set

Lego DC Super Hero Girls
Batgirl Batjet Chase

Join in the action-packed LEGO DC Super Hero Girls world as Batgirl battles the yellow Kryptomite for her stolen ePad. This great set features a Batgirl mini-doll figure, the Batjet with opening cockpit, stud shooters on the wings and a net shooter at the front, plus Kryptomite buggy with an ePad and a fearful yellow Kryptomite.

Includes a Batgirl mini-doll figure and a yellow Kryptomite.  Features a Batjet with opening cockpit, stud shooters on the wings, net launcher on the front and storage space for Batgirl’s ePad.

Also includes a buggy with a grabber in front to hold Batgirl’s ePad.  Fire the stud shooters and launch the net to capture the Kryptomite’s buggy.  Accessory elements include a net, Batgirl’s ePad and two studs for the shooters.


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