Monday, July 10, 2017

Batwoman - Ultimate Character Guide

Batwoman is the daring new hero taking on crime and corruption in Gotham City. During the day, she is socialite Kate Kane, but when night falls, she dons her cowl, ready for action.  Batwoman is aided by her father, a former Marine, who helps her track criminals across the city.

Batwoman - Agile Avenger
DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide (2011)

Batwoman is a very skilled fighter and proficient acrobat, having studied many forms of martial arts. She wears a cape that enables her to glide for short distances.  Batwoman also keeps an arsenal of weapons and gadgetry in her utility belt, including grappling hooks and computer trackers.  Like the Dark Knight himself, Batwoman wears a high-tech utility belt.

Batwoman pushes herself night and day to be the best she can possibly be.  She pursues criminals with a relentless drive, and trains intensively to keep up her fitness.  Though she's only rarely worked with Batman, the Dark Knight has given Batwoman his seal of approval.

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