Friday, January 10, 2014

Enter: BlueBelle

In Gothtopia there is no Batgirl. Barbara Gordon is BlueBelle!

Gotham is America's safest, happiest city.
An almost crime-free utopia where dreams come true.
BlueBelle is one of its many brightly costumed heroes.

BlueBelle and the Wings of Truth
Detective Comics #27. "Gothtopia" I: "The Perfect Crime"

Art by Jason Fabok
Colors by Tomeu Morey


ShesFantastic said...

Thanks for this and the Brightbat post. It was funny because I had the issue on my nightstand but hadn't gotten around to reading it. But as soon as I saw these posts on my blogroll I rushed to read it. I'm hoping DC Collectibles takes the plunge and makes action figures of these girls. They seem to love story-specific variants. (remember we saw Red lantern Mera toy before we ever got a standard version). Anyway, these posts made my weekend. Thanks!

JoséVC said...

Thank you for your comment, ShesFantastic! I also loved seeing Kate Kane being included in this storyline as BrightBat. It would be cool to see more of BrightBat and BlueBell as a team! And action figures... that would be awesome!