Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who's Who? Batwoman

First Appearance: Batwoman #1 (2011)
Base of Operations: Gotham City 
Powers: Batwoman has no superpowers but is a trained soldier and hand-to-hand combatant.

On her 12th birthday, Katherine “Kate” Rebecca Kane was taken hostage and held for ransom along with her twin sister and their mother. The rescue operation led by Kate’s father, Colonel Jacob Kane, resulted in the death of Kate’s mother and sister. After her stint in the U.S. Army ended in scandal, a brief encounter with Batman inspired Kate to embark on a crime-fighting mission to clean up the streets using gear stolen from the military. When confronted about her actions by her father, Kate agreed to let him train her, and she donned the Batman-inspired suit he had created. Kate becomes known as Batwoman and brings her own brand of justice to Gotham City. Batwoman turned down an offer to join Batman, Incorporated, preferring to stay in control of her own mission to fight evil as she sees fit. Instead, she’s joined forces with the D.E.O. in an effort to take down a growing contingent of supernatural criminals slithering their way into Gotham.

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