Saturday, February 16, 2013

Batgirl 17 :: Endure the Flame

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Daniel Sampere

Given the hard task of dealing with the aftermath of Joker's attack, and moving forward James Gordon Junior's rampage on his own family, writer Ray Fawkes takes the helm for a couple of issues during Gail Simone's forced non-vacation from the title. The most significant change in this temporary hand-off is observed in the narrative, which instead of coming from Batgirl's inner monologue, originates from a third party; an almost jolting transition.

Part of the clean up process after the business with Joker, is capturing his gang members, and for Batgirl, this is not just a matter of catching them, she wants the GCPD to be seen by the public doing it, not only because it's important for the citizens to believe in the authorities, but also because it's cathartic to the cops who lost so many of their peers. This is a nice element of the story, and so is the intriguing choice of villain. Obscure bat-rogue Firebug (not Firefly) debuts in The New 52. Back in the day he was a soldier gone nuts; here, he might be a GCPD cop seeking revenge, but that remains to be seen. Not a bad issue, but Simone needs to return.

Batgirl by Daniel Sampere, Vicente Cifuentes, and Blond

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