Thursday, August 9, 2012

Batgirl 12 :: Every Time I Fail

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Ardian Syaf

The first year of Batgirl ends on a high note when the dominoed daredoll meets Batwoman for the first time ever. This one is huge; two years ago the team-up would have been unthinkable, only a dream; now it is a sweet reality. The inner monologue was perfectly used, and Batgirl's assessment of Batwoman during their fight quickly establishes differences between one and the other, and clarifies to anyone who doubts it: they are not redundant.

Lots of stuff in this issue: The Disgraced gain some depth, the revelation of Knightfall's associate comes as a surprise that was right in front of everyone the whole time; the connection was obvious, and Jim Gordon's anguish is but a sign of the disturbing times coming ahead. Ardian Syaf simply excels, starting with the amazing spread that renders homage to J.H. Williams III's style in Batwoman. A classic issue.

Batgirl and Batwoman by Ardian Syaf

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