Sunday, April 22, 2012

Batman 8 :: The Call

The "Night of the Owls" has begun, and so Batman has summoned his allies to help him against the immortal power of the Talons!  Alfred Pennyworth sends the call to the entire Bat-Family to help against the Court of Owls' deadly servants.  Batgirl is joining the fight!

"The Call"
Batman #8 and "Night of the Owls" booklet
Art by Rafael Albuquerque


Oracle said...

Thak you! Just wanted to tell you that Robinson anounced that Hawkgirl will be part of Earth 2. I remember this site was in the past dedicated to her also.

DC Comics

Earth 2 features an alternate world of DC Comics' greatest superheroes, such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Earth 2, penned by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott, presents an alternate Earth to the main DC Universe, with different versions of DC characters, different costumes, different personalities and different origins.

So Robinson has all that to do, plus building similarities of that Earth to the one current DC fans know and love, making tweaks and creating a history of Earth 2 that led to those changes.

"I enjoy writing those characters," Robinson says. "Hawkgirl, too, has a distinct personality, and a brusque, fun way of handling situations and handling Jay's lack of experience.

"We'll actually get the fine points of her origin and some of the other characters a little bit down the line as flashbacks and revelations.

JoséVC said...

This is great news Oracle! Thank you for the tip! This could indeed signal the return of the Winged Wonder to this blog! I am really excited about Earth-2 and what it has to offer.

Oracle said...

Jose: DC showed the cover of Earth 2 4 with Hawkgirl in the spotlight. Sadly, she is not a redhead. I wished it would be Sayera. Now the Hawkgirl story is going to be even more complicated.

JoséVC said...

I saw the cover this morning. I am pretty bummed this is not Shayera, but there is still hope. The new Hawkgirl looks pretty badass, and there is the possibility that a Hawkwoman could be introduced in the main New 52 World.

Megara said...

Hawkwoman Shayera will be appearing in The Savage Hawkman