Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aquaman 6 :: Deserted

No supporting character in comics has been due a solo story longer than Mera, but her moment has finally come thanks to Geoff Johns, who ever since"Blackest Night" has taken great strides to ensure that everyone gets to know and love her. In this spotlight issue, Mera goes to town and things go wrong as soon as she starts interacting with the locals.  Although somewhat pedestrian and a bit condescending, the story shows an aspect of Mera's power that had never been seen before: not only can she move the oceans, but also manipulate water at a molecular level and display fine motor control. "Deserted" also touches on her past; one that had been visited briefly prior to the reboot in "Brightest Day," but here, the added elements clearly connect her family to whatever it is that's coming next. Joe Prado did a good job with the art, but Ivan Reis was greatly missed.

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