Monday, January 23, 2012

Birds of Prey 5 :: Chokepoint

If the purpose of the Birds' enemy is to confuse them, then he certainly achieved his goal, and in the process is dragging us along.  "Chokepoint" by Duane Swierczynski turns everything upside down for readers and characters, throwing us all into new situations that seriously disrupt the flow of the story.  I am sure there is a bigger picture to this, but the plot felt like a do-over of issue #4.  An interesting moment between Canary and Katana makes Tatsu look a lot less creepy, and Poison Ivy seems to have never really left her villanous roots -pun intended.  

The art by Saiz, Pina, and Chung is more refined and not as rough as in previous issues; their Batgirl, particularly is very well done.  Speaking of Batgirl, the circumstances of her joining the team are still unclear, and there is a back-and-forth between her willing and not willing to be a part of it.  This issue might look better as part of a whole, but it is hard to judge it as a single book; only when the arc is finished we'll know whether it was truly worth the reading or not.

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