Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aquaman #2 :: The Trench II

As promised by Geoff Johns, Aquaman #2 served to formally introduce Mera as a superhero in the DCnU, and what an introduction that was!  I don't get tired of looking at that amazing scene where Mera creates a water mermaid; this is my favorite panel so far, and it shows new readers how cool her power is.

Ivan and Rod Reis also added this new effect whenever Mera uses her powers, her eyes start glowing as if she is in a trance.  We had seen it before during Brightest Day to imply the superhuman effort she was making to manipulate the ocean, but I like that it is now being used whenever she turns the power button on.

This issue shows how powerful Mera is, and the possibilities of what she can do with her abilities are endless.  It seems she can create constructs out of the moisture in the air, so no need to be near a body of water all the time.  Does this mean she can manipulate the water molecules in a living being?  What about snow, ice, or water vapor?

Here is Mera kicking some Trench butt, not only with hard water, but also with old-fashioned fists, and what a punch she packs!  Certainly that capability to survive under enormous ocean pressures has exercised her muscles!  This issue was fantastic, and I am thrilled for what is coming next, I can't wait!

Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis

NOTE: Chronology has been updated with this entry

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