Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mera in Brightest Day


DC Comics announced that Blackest Night would be followed by Brightest Day, a bi-weekly "maxi-series" written by Geoff Johns and Pete Tomasi.

Geoff Johns: Brightest Day is the next step in repositioning a lot of characters in the DC Universe and pushing them to the next level. A lot of the main characters we've seen in Blackest Night will continue on to Brightest Day, like Mera and the Atom.

At the same time, Mera, who is right at the center of the Aquaman stuff, you see her as a survivor and warrior. I've just always loved her and thought she was a very powerful character with a lot of presence. She'll be one of the main characters in Brightest Day. The story I have behind her, which is touched on a little bit more in Blackest Night, Green Lantern and even Blackest Night: Wonder Woman, is that there's an intense rage inside her from a lot of things she's yet to deal with. A lot of that will carry into Brightest Day. But Mera emerged as a character organically as I was plotting this story. Suddenly she emerged and I thought, "okay, good."

And about Blackest Night, Mr. Johns said: In January we have Green Lantern #50, which is thirty pages and deals with the New Guardians and all their recruits. It's a pretty big story, and Doug Mahnke just kicked the hell out of it. I just love his rendition of Red Lantern Mera.

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