Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blackest Night # 4 - Mera

Last time we saw Mera, she was fighting the Black Lantern Justice League along with Flash and the Atom after being dissed by Indigo Lantern who took Hal Jordan away. To make matters worse, Jason Rusch Firestorm was absorbed into the matrix of Black Lantern Ron Raymond Firestorm.

As if a Black Lantern Justice League weren't enough, a myriad of rings brought back to life all the villains whose corpses rested in the Hall of Justice; among others there were Copperhead, Maxwell Lord, Killer Frost, Brainwave, and the sadistic Doctor Light. Then Black Lantern Aquaman joined the fight as well.

As Flash - currently the most inspiring superhero ever - was trying to keep all the undead away using his superpowers to create a whirlwind, Atom dialed emergency services, but not to ask for help, but to try something he had never done before. Mera asks "Done what?".

The mighty titan takes Mera and Flash by their hands and transports them with him through the phone line back to the emergency services call center and away from the Black Lanterns... what a shot!

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis continue to deliver nothing less that awesomeness in this fourth installment of Blackest Night, and with Mera confirmed as one of the pillars of the story - along with Green Lantern, Flash, and Atom - this has been nothing but a fantastic ride.

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