Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Art of Dan Jurgens :: Batgirl

The first time I saw the art of Dan Jurgens was in 1994 during Zero Hour -which also had Batgirl as one of the main characters- and I simply fell in love with it. His characters are so crisp and clean. I've never understood why we have not seen him more often in DC Comics.

After the weekly series 52 ended, Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgens collaborated in a spin-off starring Booster Gold. The premise of the book has Booster Gold traveling through the new 52 universes and interacting with familiar faces, but in very different circumstances. One of his adventures took him to a universe where Batgirl had not been shot by the Joker.

I don't collect the series and didn't even buy the issues where Batgirl was a guest star, but it is great to see her still around even if it's only in a parallel universe. As always, the art of mister Jurgens is impeccable and the colors vibrant.

Hopefully one day DC will realize that Barbara Gordon is the one and only Batgirl and bring her back to greatness. Forget you Cassandra Cain, you are better as an assassin; forget you Stephanie Brown, you should stay as Spoiler. Bring Barbara back as Batgirl please!!!

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