Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mera Views

This is a custom Mera figure made from a Justice League Wonder Woman. Mera comes from the other-dimensional world of Xebel, where she inherited the throne after the death of her father. When a villain tried to usurp the crown from her, Mera came to this dimesion and recruited Aquaman and Aqualad's help. After getting the throne back, Mera continued visiting this dimension and shared many adventures with the King of the seas and his ward; until she eventually married Aquaman and became queen of Atlantis.

Mera has the ability to psionically make water molecules so cohesive that she can form solid shapes with it; usually she uses her power to create force fields, projectiles, or even tools and weapons. Her powers also allow her to create enough propulsion to make her much faster in the water than Aquaman, and be propelled out of the water to incredible heights.

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