Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why do I like Batgirl?

As we celebrate the first year of Chicas de Rojo, I wanted to do a three day block that hopefully explains why this blog exists in the first place; I'll do so using an essay format. The art below is by Ramona Fradon, known mostly by her long tenure in the Aquaman book back in the old days.

Why do I like Batgirl? More precisely, why do I like the Barbara Gordon Batgirl? Batgirl is a hero because she wants to be one; it is her choice. She wants to help people and fight the bad guys. She doesn't do it because she feels it is a responsibility for having super powers (like Superman); she doesn't do it because she was raised to be a warrior (like Wonder Woman); and especially, she doesn't do it because her life was surrounded by tragedy and loss (like Batman). Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be the best she could be, and to her, that meant to be a hero. Batgirl had it right from the beginning.

Batgirl is extremely smart, has photographic memory, is a computer genius, a consumated martial artist, and her willingness to help others go beyond her super hero identity; as a civilian, Barbara Gordon became the youngest congresswoman in history. Batgirl is a hero through and through!

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Legacy Brand Comics said...

I agree completely. The Barbara Gordon Bat-Girl is awesome. It's a shame what they've done to that character. I hope someone at DC gets wise and figures out a way to bring her back. She's been Oracle long enough!